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Baking tradition since 1919 | foreword

Foreword | 1893 | 1919 | 1932 | 1956 | 1990 | 2008-todayAltdeutscher Backofen

Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of fresh bread coming from a bakery? Memories of the master baker clothed in wooden shoes, plaid pants, white shirt and round white cap, carrying a sheet with fresh baked goods into his store. They still exist these master bakers!

And in Ottendorf-Okrilla also. Hopefully for a long time to come. There used to be eight bakeries here once upon a time. Four have weathered the storm of time and the growing industrialisation and some owners have changed. Buried in the city archives are the secrets as to the first baker to have settled here. K.G. Dressler, an chronicler, found two bakers living here in the 1730’s and four bakeries in 1888. The fifth baker, Heinrich Moritz Schwerdtner, started his business 1893 along the avenue towards Radeberg by the bridge across the Orla.

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